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A Big Thank You From News Station

As I said in the previous post I reported the fire to a local television news station. I didn't have their phone number or email address last night when I heard the call go out from dispatch on the scanner to the fire departments to respond to the fi
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Posted in Breaking News on February 13, 2015

Town Hall Fire

Last night a neighboring town's municipal department burned to the ground. The building is a total loss and a huge blow to the town because it housed everything minus the police department. Around 9:00 or 9:30 last night two fire departments were pag
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Posted in Business on February 13, 2015

Aggravated with Verizon Internet

I am so fed up with Verizon DSL Internet services right now that I am seriously thinking of just cutting the net off for good. Here where I live there is a monopoly when it comes to services. The county only allows one cable and one dsl service and both pr
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Posted in Technology on January 25, 2015

The Other Site

Hello everyone. I am the NS_CSX_HAM_OP from the other site known as Bubblews. I came across this site thanks to someone posting about it on there. As I have browsed through the articles here in the past twenty to thirty minutes I see a lot people are from
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Posted in Writing on January 14, 2015

Introduction for NS_CSX_HAM_OP

I am trying out this for the first time after I read about someone having an account here at another site similar to this one. I will not produce the name of the site though but a lot people probably already know what it is. I was also a three time feature
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Posted in Personal on January 13, 2015

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