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More Great Money Making Websites

In my previous two posts, I introduced some websites where you can make money directly. First, let me recommend one site again - It's amazing. The only problem is that you can easily miss the tasks because they are fulfilled relatively quickly. If you spe
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Posted in Business on April 6, 2016

New Bubblews That Could Actually Work? Plus Two More Sites To Make You Money

In my previous post I wrote about a site where you can make money by doing simple tasks. Here I'm going to expand on the sites a bit. I've done quite some research on websites where you can make money on in the last few weeks. Sadly most of the times I w
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Posted in Business on April 4, 2016

How To Earn Money Online By Performing Simple Tasks

I was very sad to see Persona Paper stop making money and those advertisers not wanting to participate. Even though I have to understand them... They're in the business of making money and not in the business of giving money away. In a long search of loo
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Posted in Business on March 30, 2016

Taking Responsibility For What's Happening To You In Your Life

We've all done it at some point of our lives. Many of us do it on a daily basis... I'm talking about "the blame game". It's someone else's fault I never finished my degree. It's my bosses fault I get a shitty salary. It's the government's
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Posted in Spirituality on May 16, 2015

Guess I Was Right About The Ads On Persona Paper...

In my last article about a week ago I wrote about an idea of how to get better paying ads to persona paper. The article is available here:
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Posted in Persona Paper on April 13, 2015

How To Get Persona Paper More Revenue And Consequently More Money For Writing!

I just had one of those moments... I was reading an article by one of the members here and suddenly something popped to my attention... I saw a new ad that wasn't here before. And normally it wouldn't startle me too much if it wasn't an extremely coincid
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Posted in Persona Paper on April 4, 2015

My Persona Paper Bank Hasn't Moved In Days

I haven't been really active here in the past week due to some other work I had to do but I noticed something that didn't use to happen... My bankroll hasn't increased for a single coin during the time I was gone. It seems like the only time the bank goes
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Posted in Persona Paper on April 3, 2015

My First Attempt At Anamorphic Art (Don't Expect Too Much!) :)

I couldn't draw you a decent picture if you held a gun to my head. That's my curse, I love art, I'd love to be able to draw and paint but I'm just not talented for it. Believe me, I tried (although some would perhaps say not hard enough, but my peers alwa
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Posted in Art on March 30, 2015

Perfect Blossom

I love spring. In part because of all life coming out and showing itself it it's most beautiful and in part because it's a precursor to summer. I was walking in the park today and I saw this two beautiful blossoming trees. I was told these two trees are t
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Posted in Beauty on March 30, 2015

Do People (Even Your Friends And Family) Really Wish You To Succeed?

People usually say things like: "I wish you success" or "I hope you make it" but is that what they really mean? Sadly usually not. And not only do they not really mean it, they secretly and many times unconsciously want you to fail. Why? Because your suc
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Posted in Relationships on March 27, 2015

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