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Missing Record Stores

If you didn't live in a time when there were record stores, you missed out on something very special. When I was in college, the whole area around our school was artsy and fun, and we had one of the very best record stores in the state. Their i
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Posted in Personal on February 26, 2015

Lunch with Friends!

Today was fun! I got together with two friends from college, and we had so much fun catching up! We used to see one another all the time and then, of course, graduation happened and jobs happened and relationships happened and time passed and h
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Posted in Personal on February 25, 2015

Such a glorious day!

I went out for my morning walk. It was so cold and yet invigorating! I saw a few of the neighbors out, shoveling the little bit of snow that came overnight, so I was able to stop and chat a little bit. Everyone is waiting for spring. &nbs
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Posted in Personal on February 25, 2015

Overnight Snow

Imagine my surprise this morning when I went out to bring the garbage out and saw a couple of inches of newly fallen snow glistening in the sunlight! It was so beautiful! And as I walked out into it, the light crunch of my boots into the snow s
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Posted in Personal on February 25, 2015

Eye Candy

Have you ever seen the MTV series, Eye Candy? Wow! It's a thriller and a rush and it's a show I cannot miss week to week! It's based on a novel by R.L. Stine. I haven't read it yet, but because this show has revved me up so much, I'
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Posted in Entertainment on February 24, 2015

New "Dragon Tattoo" book to be published?

When I first read the news, I thought it was a joke or a bad rumor. However, it really seems to be the truth and I'm so excited for this to happen. I am a huge fan of the books that began with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Stieg Larsson f
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Posted in Books on February 24, 2015

Clothes Conscious?

Fashion so-called gurus crack me up! They think they're so smart in telling everyone what's "in" and what's not in. But it's ridiculous! Fashion designers design out of their heads, not toward a trend but in making a trend! Who's to
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Posted in Fashion on February 24, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Every day, I try to get out of the house and go for a brisk walk. These days, with temperatures below freezing, it can be a little difficult. Walking, that is. Everything is frozen. Most people tried, at the beginning of winter, to
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Posted in Health & Fitness on February 24, 2015

Streets of Ice

While preparing myself for the day, I heard a car spinning out, so I popped my head out the front door. There was a neighbor, in his car, after having left his driveway, trying to drive off on our street. Overnight, it seems, temperatures must
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Posted in Personal on February 24, 2015

Lady Gaga finds her authentic self!

In the early days of Lady Gaga, I must admit that I saw her as just another "Madonna wannabe", and I didn't pay much attention. And then I heard a few of her songs on the radio, and I heard something special in that voice of hers. I learned tha
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Posted in Entertainment on February 24, 2015

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