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Time Flies with Improvements Along the Way

It's been so long since I logged in, and I hadn't realized that since I've been so distracted with other tasks. The last post was about the problems with the DSL connection and the dryer causing it. I fixed that a few days later by getting a ne
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Posted in Personal on July 21, 2014

Clothes Dryer and DSL

What do a clothes dryer and my DSL connection have in common? I'm pretty sure nothing except that they are both in my house and I need both. The fact that they don't get along in the house is the problem I've found that when the dryer is runni
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Posted in Technology on June 14, 2014

Looking Forward to an End

Only with an end of one thing can a new thing begin. Curently the world has gotten rotten to a degree that no one wants to hang around to fix it. If the foundation of a house has crumbled away, then there is only the option of moving to another
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Posted in Politics on June 13, 2014

World Dream

Once I had a dream to overthrow the world and make it mine. I enjoyed the thoughts of it all being my own. But it became far too much to manage. Later I dreamt to rule parts of the world. Resistances and figthing would increase technolog
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Posted in Personal on June 13, 2014

Busy Busy

Everyone is running around with no time for anything relaxing these days as we seize any opportunity to make money in this post recession economy. As people get older they seem to have even more things that need to get done and worry others around th
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Posted in Business on June 12, 2014

Songs Meant for You

Have you ever listened to a song and just felt passionate about it? Even if the lyrics just wash over you without taking them in you feel that the song is talking to you in some way. When you finally do take the time to look at the lyrics you a
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Posted in Random on June 12, 2014

Necessary Personas

I have known about personas for many years because I use them all the time. Long before I started writing I used different persona for different situations. Each identity is a mask that can be used as a replacement to emotions, especially if yo
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Posted in Random on June 12, 2014


People are bound by technology in this day and age. They feel the need to have their smart phones on them at all times of the day in order to be quick to recieve news from friends or take the latest funny picture or selfie. People even get angr
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Posted in Personal on June 12, 2014

A Need to Change

This world has undergone a history of turning points that decide its outcome along the way, with few modes of connection as outstanding as this modern era. Routes of trade and communication reached large points before in the distant past before it wa
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Posted in Random on June 12, 2014

Living for a Goal

What defines one's quality of life? Is it the actions that accumulate recognition along the way, or is it the fact that goals are set and objectives reached? What kinds of actions fulfill the status of quality? Is it okay to embrace our d
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Posted in Personal on June 10, 2014

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