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Keeping Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a fun time filled with candy, costumes, and trick-or-treating. Yet, it can be a stressful holiday for some pets, especially pets who are fearful of strangers, noises, and strange sights. This is why it is important to not to forget abo
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Posted in Holidays on October 24, 2014

Old Pictures Should Be Treasured

Today, we spent the day going through old pictures. They were left to us by my aunt who recently passed. The pictures were from various years. Some of the pictures were older than me. In fact, I think I liked the pictures that were the oldest the best. I l
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Posted in Random on October 22, 2014

Challenge Accepted

I just happily took the Friends of Persona Paper Challenge. I definitely thought the challenge would motivate me. I could use some motivation. Can I keep up with the challenge? Time will tell. It will be hard to write a post everyday. It isn't that I don'
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Posted in Writing on October 21, 2014

Winterizing Your Manufactured Home

Winter will soon be approaching. All homes, including manufactured homes, needs to be prepared for the upcoming winter, especially those winter winds. These extra steps we take now can help us save money and energy when winter arrives. You may wan
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Posted in Random on October 17, 2014

Another Rainy Day In Ohio

Surprise, surprise it is raining again here in Ohio. Yes, we did see the sun for a few moments. But I did not let myself get excited. I watched the news last night and the weatherman said we would have rain off and on today. I think he was wrong, tho
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Posted in Random on October 16, 2014

Could Pretty Exercise Clothes Motivate You To Exercise More?

I was thrilled when I got a great deal on some clothes the other day when I was shopping. Part of that deal included some exercising clothes. There were three reasons I bought the exercising clothes. 1. They were really a great deal and I love bar
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Posted in Health & Fitness on October 15, 2014

Hello, Again

Hi, Again This is Linda-From-US. Some of you may know me as Linda M McCloud or Linda-From-Ohio from other sites. I have not been writing on any site on a regular basis. My mother hasn't been too well. I have been caring for her.
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Posted in Random on October 15, 2014

Been Out Of The Loop

No, I didn’t plan on leaving PP. Actually, I didn’t leave the site. I have just been busy. First, there is the endless worry with mom. My mother has been sick for many months. She keeps having doctor appointments and endless tests. So far every
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Posted in Random on July 28, 2014

I Am Still Here

No, I haven’t abandoned ship. I like this site and hope to be part of it for a very long time. I have just been busy and then I got sick. First, I started off with a doctor’s appointment. No biggie. I just had to get my normal headache
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Posted in Random on June 16, 2014

Friday Plans

Yes, it is finally TGIF. Thank God It Is Friday. Will there be any fun plans on your horizon? My day started with a phone call from mom’s doctor. They finally set up her cat scan. Sounds like it may be a rough one. She will have to be there
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Posted in Random on June 13, 2014

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