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Sometimes, all that is missing in your life is a large chicken and cheese burger. God, it seems like its been ages since I ate out (oh well, not counting my lunch day before yesterday and ordering pizza a while ago as well), what I mean is, its been ages s
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Posted in Random on October 28, 2014

She made my Pou gay!

I have this application that I downloaded recently on my Android phone, its called Pou. Its sort of like a cyber pet so you need to clean it and feed it and make it sleep and play games with it. All these tasks will win you coins and that's how you buy all
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Posted in Humor on October 28, 2014

Being Normal is Boring

I have always prided myself for not being one of the common people. Everywhere I have gone and which group of people I had belonged to, it always seemed like I didn't exactly fit in. I do have great friends, not complaining about that but even they're some
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Posted in Personal on October 27, 2014

Boring Sunday

Sundays are boring. Period. I thought that was only the case when I was at college but turns out, even at home I feel pretty bored. I'm just lazy and I haven't done a single thing since morning and I couldn't feel any more lethargic. I do th
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Posted in Random on October 26, 2014

Home Alone and X-Men

It's nearly 8 pm in the evening here and my sister and I are home alone watching the movie. Earlier today, I went for a nice lunch with some of my friends and I had a pretty good time with them. Also, I spend way too much money than I expected to in the fi
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Posted in Random on October 25, 2014

So that's my beginning

My introduction article went pretty ok and I was able to connect back with some of my friends and that's a good thing. I'm not sure how much will I be able to stay online and everything because of my crappy college schedule. Yea, I'm gonna go back in a wee
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Posted in Random on October 23, 2014

Introduction for KritikaKukreja

Here’s where I’m supposed to define myself, but a definition needs to be precise and to the point but humans never are. Anyway, here’s a trial round for the same. I’m Kritika Kukreja, 22 year old female, going to be 23 soon
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Posted in Personal on October 20, 2014

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Just saying hello,hope your doing well today

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