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Why does this happen?!

Okay, so I had to work a Trial day for my new Job. They wanted me to come in as soon as I could so that I may start right away. This day was supposed to be today. I was supposed to be there at 8 am (it's now 8.40 am here). So when I arrived noone
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Posted in Business on June 1, 2015

Introverts don't have a easy life

So, after being unemployed and then self employed I finally decided to go and search a Job in my old field, the Hotellerie, again. Now I have to go to a Trial day tomorrow. For all that don't know this, in Germany we have a Trial day of work befor
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Posted in Personal on May 29, 2015

My personal problem with youtube

Hi guys, okay as a Person with high moral standing I personally find it really difficult to watch Videos on YouTube. You see, I loved watching shows or listen to music on YouTube. But that feeling has been Long gone now that I found out how many P
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Posted in Personal on May 29, 2015

Artist or thief?!

Hi guys, have you heard of that guy that earns Money with peoples Instagram Pictures? He calls himself an Artist for selling someone elses Pictures! He just recently god 90 thousand Dollars for a picture that a girl posted on instagram! &nbs
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Posted in Breaking News on May 28, 2015

Dublin or London which is better?

Hi guys, I have just currently been to Dublin. After swearing I would never love a City like I love London I now had to split my love. I like to travel and see new places but now I am at a loss. My friends asked me if I wanted to go on a Weekend t
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Posted in Travel on May 28, 2015

The cutest thing ever

Good morning guys, hope you all slept well enough. I was just woken up by my cat. He doesn't normally do that but today he did for some unknown reason. Have your pets ever woken you up? I like to think that this is one of the cutest things they do
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Posted in Animals on May 28, 2015

Which file is the best for ebooks?

Hi guys, I am at a loss, I wanted to write an ebook but have yet to find out which Format would be the best. I know that my ebooks have the Format epub but is that for everyone? Which Format are your ebooks in? Is there a Format tha
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Posted in Books on May 27, 2015

One year in a tent review

Have any of you heard of the new blog "One year in a tent"? Well they only got the first post up but it sounds interesting. I mean, I would love to travel the world no matter where I would be able to sleep. I really think this could be a great new
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Posted in Writing on May 26, 2015

How to become a millionaire

Hi guys, don't we all dream about being a millionaire? Better yet, becoming a millionaire in no time without having to do anything for it? Well, sadly that is not how it works. Becoming a millionaire has gotten easier in the last years, b
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Posted in Business on May 25, 2015

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