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Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet Style

Thanksgiving in the U.S., and probably any other country that celebrates this holiday sometime throughout the year, is the biggest food holiday out there. Yes, it beats July 4, Memorial and Labor Days, Easter, and Christmas. Mostly because that's the one h
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Posted in Holidays on November 6, 2014

30 Days of NaNoWrimo

NOTE: November 1 is the first day of NaNoWriMo. It's that month where people with a passion of pushing themselves to the brink of reality set out to write at least 50,000 (that big number there is the minimum amount of words set) wo
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Posted in Animals on October 25, 2014

Gearing Up For NaNoWriMo

Gearing up for NaNoWriMo is a lot like getting my ducks in a row for writing. Mind you now, there's one exception to a month long writing a novel in a month challenge than the every day writing for here, clients, and other places. Ed
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Posted in Writing on October 25, 2014

Getting My Writing Ducks in a Row

Since I've let my writing go to the wayside for the better part of a year, it's time to get back in the saddle again. Before I get totally enthralled in writing again there's those proverbial ducks that need to be put in a row. Just how does one
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Posted in Writing on October 24, 2014

I'm Not Much of a Sharer

I hardly ever share anything personal about myself. Why? I'm shy. I'm introverted. That's part of who I am. It's not all of who I am, but it should give you some insight of why I don't share much about myself. I also rather help people without any
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Posted in Personal on October 21, 2014

How to Use Free, Printable Masks for More than Halloween

The free printable face masks could be used for parties with themes. For example, if you are planning a birthday party, you could use these masks to help with the theme. There are also dinner parties for those who like to have an adult
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Posted in Holidays on October 20, 2014

Introduction for Karenb

I am a freelance writer who writes on a variety of topics, but genealogy is by far my favorite. I have written for websites like IHABE and Yahoo Contributor Network. I also write "white paper" style non-fiction pieces for Kindle Digital Publishing. I a
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Posted in Personal on October 15, 2014

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