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Should I homeschool my girls?

I'm really considering home schooling my daughters. I know many of you may have strong opinions on the subject but I'm starting to think it would be best for my family. Okay so it's cheaper and safer. I've heard the most terrible horror stories about the t
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Posted in Parenting on April 22, 2015

Time for my little one to get antibiotics.

As many of you my newborn baby has not been all that well lately. I called her paediatrician yesterday morning to let him know that she had run a rather high fever the night before. Anyway he didn't sound too pleased and was considering admitting her to ho
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Posted in Parenting on April 22, 2015

Well hello there.

Good morning and happy Monday to all of you. I hope you had a wonderful and safe weekend. Mine was really awesome. My husband did not have to go to work so we had him all to ourselves. He works in the construction and engineering industry so when they call
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Posted in Personal on April 20, 2015

What's your favorite season?

What's your favorite season? I guess it depends a lot on where you live in the world. I stay in South Africa so summers can be really hot and stuffy. We hit a record high temperature last summer of 37 degrees Celsius. It was hell and I was 9 months pregnan
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Posted in Random on April 19, 2015

My little girl is much better.

Hello and good morning/ evening to all of you. I am happy to report that after our second trip to the pediatrician my little princess is doing much better. Her nose was terribly blocked and she was struggling to nurse. Anyway our magic doctor prescribed am
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Posted in Parenting on April 19, 2015

My brilliant child!

My eldest daughter Maryanne is seven years old and absolutely brilliant. I know that all parents think their kids are just the best and they are but I really believe that my kid has a gift. Her memory is just amazing. She is able to recall events that happ
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Posted in Personal on April 17, 2015

Escalating xenophobic violence in SA

So the violence started in Durban and spread to Johannesburg. South Africa, once considered to be the perfect rainbow nation is now battling to get a new wave of xenophobic attacks under control. South Africa as leaders on the continent have worked hard to
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Posted in Politics on April 17, 2015

Good morning Persona Paper.

Good morning to all of you. It's lovely and cool here in South Africa and I am hoping to spend a very productive day here. As I mentioned in a previous post I do need to take my little one back to the doctor but afterwards I should be a free agent. Thank h
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Posted in Personal on April 17, 2015

Another trip to the pediatrician.

Oh dear, My little one month old baby girl is not doing very well. Her doctor diagnosed her with bronchiolitis about two weeks ago and prescribed her medication. I've been nebulizing her religiously and giving her the nose drops but she's still very snotty
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Posted in Parenting on April 17, 2015

Sleepy time.

I've had rather a busy day so I think it's time to sign off and get some shut eye. My new baby girl is also finally sleeping so I had best make the most of my opportunity. To be honest with you she's actually really brilliant and sleeps like a champion esp
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Posted in Persona Paper on April 16, 2015

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