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DNA: A Fabulous Tool, But Not Infallible

Over fifty years have passed since the last judicial hanging in the UK. Since then, there have been almost constant rumblings from various sectors calling for its reintroduction. These voices have become slightly more amplified of late, now that th
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Posted in Random on May 6, 2020

Some Serious Odd-sockery

There has been some serious odd-sockerey going on in this apartment of late. The drawer in my bedroom which houses the hose contains more singletons than a speed dating event with free beer. I have so many unattached socks that a burglar rummaging through
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Posted in Humor on June 8, 2015

I Misread a Name

Some time ago, when a certain Kanye West burst onto the scene, I misread his name in an online article as K-a-y-n-e. This moment of dyslexia planted the name in my mind, and it was only when I heard his name on television some time later, and checked onlin
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Posted in Humor on June 8, 2015

Seeking Out Those Food Bargains

Like many couples, my partner and I sometimes find it a struggle to pay all the bills . This has instilled in us a new outlook when shopping, and we are always on the lookout for a bargain. We live close to a huge supermarket, where we often harvest a tidy
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Posted in Food on June 4, 2015

Keeping Cool in the Summer

The strong winds of the past few days appear to have abated, and there’s finally some nice weather out there. It’s time to dust off the big green fan that will blow welcome cool air onto my partner and me, as we bake in the summer heat. On tho
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Posted in Random on June 4, 2015

How Regularly Do You Fill Your Tank?

I’ve never been one of these motorists who fills the tank regularly – I run on almost empty most of the time, and the lower half of my face is tanned due to constant exposure to the low fuel warning light. I know that managing my fuel in this m
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Posted in Random on June 3, 2015

3D Billboards - More Than Just Paper and Paste

The craft of the billboard poster has rarely been taken seriously. The butt of a thousand gags in cartoons and comedy sketches, this humble servant of the advertising trade went quietly about his business, climbing his ladder with paste bucket and brush in
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Posted in Random on June 3, 2015

Dunking Biscuits (Cookies) - Yes or No?

Dunking biscuits (or cookies to those across the pond) into a hot drink came into popular use way back in the Victorian era, when afternoon tea became a regular part of the day. While the masses happily munched on the soggy paste that is created when a bis
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Posted in Food on June 3, 2015

Does Movie Dialogue Inspire You?

I recently picked up the pictured copy of the 1967 movie The Graduate, starring a young Dustin Hoffman and a somewhat older Anne Bancroft, for the princely sum of 99p. Of course I have seen the movie several times, and this fact sometimes prompts the follo
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Posted in Movies & TV on June 2, 2015

Have You Ever Spent a Forged Banknote?

Have you ever tried to pass a forged banknote? I’m not talking about deliberately issuing dud notes all around town, but in all innocence, having been given one without realizing it was fake. It happened to me once. Years ago, when I worked on the r
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Posted in Random on June 2, 2015

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