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Could Doctor McDreamy Still Be Alive On Grey's Anatomy? Or Is This Wishful Thinking?

Recently I have noticed a quite a lot of chatter on Twitter regarding Derek Shepherd and whether there is any truth to the rumors that the character is still alive and will appear sometime in Season 12. I find this difficult to believe, however I would not
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Posted in Movies & TV on January 21, 2016

How To Spot A Manipulating Woman

This is a somewhat random topic I wrote about years ago on Beyond Jane. I guess a few women are going to be outraged that I am revealing all of their little secrets, but it is only fair that men get a heads up into figuring out whether they
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Posted in Random on September 12, 2015

Original TV Series That Are Not In Production Anymore

Gidday Everyone Well it has been a while since I posted here and so I thought I would pop in to discuss a serious issue regarding the sale of TV Series DVDs. Recently I have been searching for the Australian Medical Drama; All Saints DVDs
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Posted in Movies & TV on July 1, 2015

Person of Interest Looks Like It Will Only Get 13 Episodes For Season 5

I am in enormous pain over this. I have never felt this way before about a TV show, and I never will again and that hurts. To have this feeling snatched away from me and all the millions of fans of Person of Interest just kills me. What kind of idiot would
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Posted in Movies & TV on June 17, 2015

Person Of Interest Season 4 Finale

Hands up those who love this show! I am in awe of the writers this season, even though they frustrated me no end, that is why I love this show and hope it continues for years to come. There will be a Season Five; of this I have no doubt. What I love is tha
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Posted in Movies & TV on May 16, 2015

My Verdict After Re-Watching Derek Shepherds Death On Grey's Anatomy

Yep, well I just watched the episode again and I am about to watch the final three episodes for this season. I also have read a couple of reviews, one from my favourite Grey's Anatomy writer at Spoiler TV. Her suspicions match a little with mine, that I be
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Posted in Movies & TV on May 15, 2015

Grey's Anatomy - McDreamy Is Dead, Courtesy Of A Huge Mack Truck

This one is for people who might not follow my blog on Grey's Anatomy and have not heard that Patrick Dempsey finally manned up and left ABC's Grey's Anatomy (I think I posted that news). They (ABC) are none too pleased, and Shonda Rhimes probably wished t
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Posted in Movies & TV on May 14, 2015

The Summer Season Of TV - Yay! What Should I Watch?

My little "Yay" is a sarcastic comment aimed at Australian TV Executives. Do they think all we want to watch sport? Not, at least I don't think so. Anyway the above is kind of irrelevant because I am addressing the US people here who love TV. What should I
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Posted in Movies & TV on May 13, 2015

Earn Money Writing For Persona Paper

For those of you quitting Bubblews, I highly recommend Persona Paper, it is fun and they pay you to comment on other people’s posts and the big plus is their rates have increased lately. This site has been around for about nine months now, so it is q
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Posted in Writing on January 30, 2015

My Scandalous Addiction – TV Show Scandal

I cannot stop watching this show. It is deliciously scandalous and my dirty little secret show that I do not admit to many that I watch, Call it a guilty pleasure, like Grey’s Anatomy has become, which incidentally Shonda Rhimes made both shows. She
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Posted in Movies & TV on January 11, 2015

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