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Go home your drunk.

So as of today, I was biking down the dike near where I live, and after biking a quick 5.5 kilometers I arrived at Fishersmans Wharf. I was also with my friend. We bought a burger that was so delish and bought some frozen yogurt and then I was pretty happy
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Posted in Random on June 15, 2014

Summoners Rift Visual in Place

Most League of Legends players know about the Summoners Rift Visual Update. As of recently, the Riot Dev team have started a mini showcase of the summoners rift (The new version) where they, the Dev Team, play a game on the new map and answer the communiti
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Posted in Gaming on June 14, 2014

Attemped robbery while Female gamer livestreams

Most DOTA 2 (Also known as defence of the ancients) players love watching livestreamer sajadene crush the opponets with her teammates. However, on one day while a ordinary match was going on turned the wrong way when 2 armed men attempted a robbery on her
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Posted in Gaming on June 10, 2014

New jungle camps added to the Summoners rift VU

As you've all should probably know now, summoners rift is getting hardcore updated and in addition, Riot is changing some of the jungle camps/creatures to show more specifically what each one is. The wolves camp have been renamed with a different art
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Posted in Gaming on June 10, 2014

League of Legends Visual Update!

As of late, Riot has teased out the Summoners Rift Visual on League of Legends ( forum with a short post talking about the Visual Update development and why they are doing it. Riot stated: A lot can happen in a game Of LoL. A huge amount of visual
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Posted in Gaming on June 10, 2014

FDA Stops Cheese Industry!

The FDA council has just recently banned the old fashioned way of making cheese. The use of wood. FDA's choice shall not only damage cheese makers but also stop importion of cheese from all sorts of countries as Canadian and European Union have
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Posted in Business on June 10, 2014

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