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How to save some "bucks" ( money)/ Tips to stretch your money

Is your purse just as empty as your grocery cupboard or fridge? Have you tried everything but still can't get your budget plan right? Here are a few tips that will definitely have a impact on your budget: * Buy your products in bulk where possible and
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Posted in Business on May 18, 2015


As human beings it is sometimes difficult for us to forgp00ive others. Being frail and imperfect human beings we are quick to be angry, quick to blame but very slow to forgive or even slower to forget. Forgiveness is very difficult sometimes. When we are h
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Posted in Random on March 3, 2015

Today is the warmest day since the summer season started last year

Good day. It is the second day of autumn in my country but also the warmest day since last year September. The temperatures have raised from 30 degrees celcius to maximum 45 degrees cekcius where I am. It is so hot and I covered all the windows by putting
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Posted in Random on March 3, 2015


I'm from Africa and is living in the beautiful country Republic of South Africa. I'm proud of my country which shows so much possibilities. My area is Cape Town and if you ever want to have a holiday never to forget choose Cape town. I'm currently self-e
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Posted in Personal on February 26, 2015

A great day

Good evening to all around the globe. Today was really an extremely great day for me. The weather was perfect and I woke up early round about seven o'clock this morning.I felt so rejuvenated when I wake up and started the day by watering my small garden. H
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Posted in Family on February 26, 2015

A relaxing Sunday for me

Good afternoon friends around the globe. Today is really a relaxing day for me. I slept till 9 o'clock this morning and when I woke up my sister in law was almost done with our cooking for lunch time. I asked her what time she got up and it was by 7am. She
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Posted in Random on February 15, 2015

Introduction for Gabriella47

Good day. My name is Beronime Gabriels and everyone or most people call me Bibi. The reason for that is because my name seems difficult to pronounce but it is not really the case. I'm from the Republic of South Africa born and live in the beautiful city of
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Posted in Personal on December 29, 2014

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