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What makes a good ending?

What makes a good ending? I love reading a story containing characters so closely connected with each other I'm catching my breath at the turn of every page. The characters thrilling each other make such a good team. I can become absorbed in a sto
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Posted in Writing on September 28, 2015

Mum's the wordy birdy

Going to hug my mum again soon In a few weeks I will be popping over to another part of the UK especially to make the point of hugging my mum! She is getting on a bit now in years. I really don't want to miss the opportunity of giving her a hug every tim
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Posted in Personal on September 14, 2015

Summertime and the living is easy

Hello Persona Paper People! Glad to see this lovely site is still here and you've not all skittered off away on the breeze just yet! Hope you're all enjoying summer. In the UK this wonderful weather we're having is just the icing on the cake.&
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Posted in Personal on July 22, 2015

Can a father ever truly accept his daughter's foolishness?

As some of you know, I read a lot of short stories. Recently, I was asked to read one about a teenager who was dating an old, divorced-with-children, man. The crux of the story was the youngster kept her relationship with this man secret because sh
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Posted in Writing on July 3, 2015

Lazy daze of Summer

What is about these first few heady days of July? Hmm. There really is something about early July. It's nearly always the most extremely HOTtest time of year. Just the perfect sort of weather to be lolling about around in a field without
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Posted in Personal on July 1, 2015

Startling news about starlings

Watching the evening sunset over the trees and a glass of wine tonight was a joy. While watching the wood pigeons forage for their final feed of the day pulling at the twigs on branches, we considered the distinct lack of presence these days of the starlin
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Posted in Animals on June 17, 2015

Complaint from the campsite

Hi de Hi campers. Oh my good-i-ness! I've been informed today there's a quote by me to be found in a popular magazine. I've not yet seen the article in the magazine and as a result am jittery about what is out there accompanying
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Posted in Personal on June 17, 2015

Welcome to my office

No doubt many Persona Paperers will be part of the working at home brigade and I am no exception. You will also no doubt be aware of the importance of deadlines if you're a home worker. Aware of the necessity to meet the deadline and to not faff about when
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Posted in Writing on June 15, 2015

Singing in the rain

There's been a lot of Persona Paper posts lately about the weather. In the UK today there has been rain for several hours. It's a complete contrast to yesterday morning and over the last few days when it has been wall-to-wall sunshine and ideal weathe
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Posted in Personal on June 13, 2015

Do you enjoy a visit to the theatre?

The picture accompanying this article is of Theatre Royal, Nottingham, East Midlands UK. It's in the city centre of Nottingham and can be reached via tram or bus links. Browsing what's on at the theatre over the summer and I see 'East is East'
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Posted in Entertainment on June 10, 2015

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