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New article for a new year of 2017.

Hello there to all you members still active on this site. I'm sure no one really remembers me on here even though I am currently with myLot, but that is OK. I can honestly say I have not written an article here in almost a year ever since they announced th
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Posted in Writing on January 2, 2017

Last Article: Goodbye

Hello to all! It has been quite a couple of months since I have written on here. So very sorry for that. Life gets in the way at times with my work schedule and my very active toddler who keeps me on pins and needles. While drinking my coffee this m
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Posted in Persona Paper on February 1, 2016

Bye bye Bubble!!!!

As most of you already know from inertia and other bubblers, the site has finally shut it's doors!! Over at another site I am on, almost every single post has popped up about this shocking news. Ok, well maybe not so shocking. I am honestly not surp
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Posted in Writing on November 15, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year's Halloween was so much fun! Last year my son was still very tiny, so we put him in a skeleton onesie and took him around in the stroller. He slept through about half of it and still walked away with some goodies! This year we dressed him up as a
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Posted in Writing on November 2, 2015

Nice calm day at work.

As some of you well know from some earlier posts, I was stressing about my job and such because of my bi polar boss and it not being as busy because of summer. Well I am happy to inform you that it has been picking up little by little and I haven't had to
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Posted in Personal on September 26, 2015

Enough is enough

I am going to start off with, I am very grateful and happy to have a job right now to support my family. I know I could be worse off like many others I know of personally. But how do you know when you've had enough of your job and what would that breaking
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Posted in Personal on August 29, 2015

That 1 co-worker!

So most of us wish we could be entrepreneurs and own our own business and make our own hours ect. Many people also prefer to work by themselves, or if you do like to work with people, then at least in a nice environment. Sometimes though at your job, you
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Posted in Personal on August 16, 2015

Prayers for missing Lonzie Barton

There is a big Amber alert for a missing 21 month year old gorgeous little boy in Jacksonville FL, Here is the source: He has be
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Posted in Breaking News on July 27, 2015


I know you can't always plan out things and expect the plans to follow through. Sometimes things change or happen for good or bad. My husband and I have very different work schedules at the moment so that one of us is home to be with our son when the othe
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Posted in Personal on July 17, 2015

Busy busy week!

Good evening! So sorry to have been away this week. My not so little anymore bundle of joy had his first birthday party on June 27th. His actual day of birth was on June 24th, but we decided to have it on a Saturday so that way normal 9-5 people cou
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Posted in Personal on June 29, 2015

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