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Find Me On tsu or Join me there

Well dang it, another site is going away. I have to admit I have not been terribly active here of late. A couple of other sites that I was writing for regularly closed down after promising to pay out members, and they never did (namely FullOfKn
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Posted in Writing on January 31, 2016

Shop Local, Pay with Cash

So many people are hurting their local economy without knowing it. Do you shop local? Do you support locally owned small businesses? If you shop at big box stores, and chains, where does the profit go? It certainly does not st
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Posted in Family on June 13, 2015

I Just Joined Facebook

I guess I am a bit behind the times. While most people have had Facebook for years, and some are leaving it, I just joined. The reason I joined Facebook is because my daughter has her own business which she often promotes on Facebook, and I
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Posted in Entertainment on March 17, 2015

You Do Not Have to Be a Sociopath to Climb the Corporate Ladder, But it Helps

Getting ahead in life is a matter of politics. Who you kiss up to, what you stand up for, and where you bite your tongue. Some people have a lot of personal ethics, while others easily sway with the tide. I read a post r
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Posted in Relationships on February 16, 2015

Concerns About Letting Cats Outside

I own five cats and all go outside although my oldest cat is indoors most of the time unless the weather is nice. Other than my old cat the others were all born wild; ferals whom we have caught and tamed. I live rurally, I have no neighbors,
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Posted in Animals on February 12, 2015

Is it True That PETA Kills Most of the Pets Brought to them?

PETA is an animal rights organization. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. As an animal rights group they feel that being owned violates the pet's rights, just as a person being owned violates human rights. A lot
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Posted in Animals on February 6, 2015

About Owing a Pet Turtle

Turtles make good pets for some people. Not everyone wants a high maintenance pet, such as a dog, and some people may not be allowed certain pets where they live. There are many different species of turtle sold in the pet trade, before you g
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Posted in Animals on February 1, 2015

Why Some People are Rich and Others are Poor

Have you ever wondered why so few people own so much of the world's wealth? How did some people get so much money? Why is it that the gap between the rich and the poor keeps growing? Sometimes people blame the poor for being poor. 
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Posted in Family on January 31, 2015

Why Do People Put Up With Being Treatd Like Crap

I have worked for many bully bosses. People ask me "Why do you put up with that?". Many other people have come and gone in the times that I stayed with mean bosses. Not that I always stay, I have quit jobs too when the mean boss just adds
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Posted in Personal on January 30, 2015

Why Do Christians Worship on Sundays?

Did you know that Christians originally worshiped on Saturday? If you have read your bible I am sure you knew this. Even if you didn't read the Bible you should have figured out that since Saturday is the last day of the week that logically it was t
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Posted in Spirituality on January 30, 2015

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Hello - happy to follow you

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I could have sworn I was following you over there. I guess I'm just so used to reading your posts so often, I didn't realize I wasn't connected. It's great to see you here. This is going to be fun. Guiness sends purrs.

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