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They're Not Just Airplanes

I've always been fascinated with the air force. The intelligence and brilliance of the human mind to create such technology. When I was young, building model airplanes, reading about them, and collecting model air crafts were most enjoyable. IA
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Posted in Personal on April 26, 2015

Dr. Suzanne Humphries: On Vitamin C

Today, I've indulged my family a purchase of large quantity of Vitamin C supplementation. Good for 3 months for a large family. I've always had ascorbic acid in my medicine cabinet. But took Vit.C only when I could remember. I hadn
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Posted in Health & Fitness on April 4, 2015

The Bible in silver spoon and platter

Bible scholars and teachers tell us that the Bible ties up with conjectures. My guess is, and we can just assume, that these scholars have concluded that the Bible lacks evidences or proofs. And that their scholarly statement about the Bible is prese
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Posted in Personal on March 30, 2015

Sweet Aliya turns sweeter

Aliyah has the sweet ring to it. Music to the ever longing ears to hear ''Aliya'' sing in the Eastern horizon. A word, a vision cherished for thousands generations. The very heart and soul of a people who had no home-country of refuge-- to be strong
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Posted in Spirituality on March 22, 2015

Actor Jon Voight: " I Love Israel"

US actor says "those who believe that deal-making is the solution to what Israel faces are as wrong as Neville Chamberlain believing he made a peace deal with Hitler." I admire his courage! Jon Voight speaking up on Sunday, two days before Israeli electio
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Posted in Personal on March 15, 2015

Tolkien, Charlie and Hans

Among others, R.R. Tolkien, Charles Shultz and Hans Christian Anderson's tales filled the most-read pages and volumes of stories in history. With rich and fascinating make-believe, our world tune in to the world of books. Where else did these authors, am
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Posted in Random on March 11, 2015

Gmail Bug Fixed

How credible Flipboard articles are? From an insider in the business online post, it read that a few Gmail users have noticed that they have been "sending" emails to unknown recipients-- people they have not added in their contacts, and never heard of them
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Posted in Technology on February 24, 2015

This Annoying Ad

There are acceptable ads. And the not-so-acceptable. Like this one that flashes and calls attention to people like me who was in dire need of an Apple gadget. I was conned before and later found out that , once I had signed up, I started getting these ran
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Posted in Personal on February 16, 2015

From a Grapevine

'Once parents used to teach their children to talk; today children teach their parents to keep quiet.' &n
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Posted in Relationships on February 1, 2015

A Peek-In to the Kitchen

When I was growing up with my five siblings, my mother uttered words I understood enough to listen, but didn't sink in. However, they made me feel happy and secure. I knew that they were good words to follow, because my mother is a good woman and mother.
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Posted in Personal on January 23, 2015

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