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Did you watch the FIFA World Cup Final?

Did you watch the FIFA World Cup Final? Well I think football is a widely accepted sport now these days and so I think there are many supporters for the game of football other than any sport. Last Monday there took place the FIFA World Cup 2014 final at Brazil and it was between Germany and Argentina. Here in India the time schedule for the match was at 12.30 AM and so I was fully awake to watch the complete telecast of the match. Germany scored a goal in the final minutes of the match and that was decisive moment of the FIFA World Cup Final. I am a Germany fan and so I really supported the team right from the group stages of this World Cup. Anyway it is Germany who got themselves the World cup this year. So I have question to ask that how many of you football fans have seen the FIFA World Cup Final at Brazil??

Yes, I have watched it.

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Kementari wrote on July 18, 2014, 1:36 PM

Yes I watched it! Streamed it from my laptop and was cheering for Germany. Correction though, Germany didn't score in the final minutes of the match. They scored during extra time that was added on because it ended in a tie. If no one had scored at the end of two halves of extra time, then they would have gone to a penalty shoot out. However since Germany scored, and Golden Kicks rule wasn't in place (where the first team to score ends of the game) they had to play out the remaining time. Luckily Germany managed to keep it at a 1-0 score, sealing them the victory for the world cup.