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Do You Think Online Earning Has Improved With Corona Virus?

Lockdowns and quarantines do not in any way favour offline work. Social distancing is a very serious issue here. Since life has to continue then online work becomes not only an alternate source of earning but also the best option. It therefore goes without any question that many more people are now subjected to online work. To kill boredom in quarantine centres and of people locked down in their homes then they will opt for online work. Yet the Covid19 has affected and crippled most areas of working including online. The poll here is whether online working has improved or not.

Yes, online work has improved

0 votes / 0% 0 votes

No, all areas of earning has been affected with covid19

1 votes / 50% 1 votes / 50 %

Things are as before

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I do not know whether online work has increased or decreased with covid19

1 votes / 50% 1 votes / 50 %
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