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Are you fond on eating grilled pig?

Grilled pig is always present during occasion especially in the Philippines,me?I am one of the most addicted on grilled pig especially the ribs and skin part,I know some Filipino people are addicted too,but others are fond on grilled pig yet they are avoided to eat since they have some defect on their health like to my father in-law.When I was a kid I always want to eat grilled pig but my parents cannot afford to buy even one kilo,but this time I can eat any time I want since I already have a work and I can buy it now,hmm,I guess other country are not familiar on this food.But I'm pretty sure Filipino are the one will rise their hand for this.

A. Yes

11 votes / 55% 11 votes / 55 %

B. No

9 votes / 45% 9 votes / 45 %
This poll has received 20 vote(s) so far.

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