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Luffy or Naruto

I've been watching anime' since i was a kiddo, i have watched thousand episodes to be concise. But i have two anime that i like so much. One Piece and Naruto. I don't know if i'm just obsessed on being a ninja, and dreaming that i was a pirate, or it's the story that drag me on these anime'. These two very popular character gain so much fame and respect in the world of anime. What if these two heroes engage in an all out war? who will you choose? who do you think will win? choose your side, Luffy or Naruto?


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4 votes / 50% 4 votes / 50 %
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MommyCharm wrote on January 10, 2015, 11:52 PM

I tried watching Naruto but I just didn't like it; on the other hand, I love Luffy, Shanks and most especially, Ace! I am starting to watch all the episodes I have missed and right now, I'm on episode 488 :)