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Let's Talk About Gadgets

In our modern times there are so many things that have been invented from a simple cell phone, a fancy table to a combination of the two, Pha-blet or Phone and Tablet in one. If you are able to choose what do you like most a simple cell phone with a good specs with smaller size, or a table with huge storage that you can play games or a Pha-blet.. Nowadays we have so many options to choose from, if you asked me I prefer Pha-blet, Hassle free if you carry or brought with you your tab then have some message using you phone,

Mobile Phone

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Dabbid wrote on June 12, 2014, 7:09 AM

@itsGP Same thing with me, I just used it to take pictures of my topics, to earn as well, good thing for us we can earn in just using them