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Meds/ no meds

I have 3 boys at home still and 2 of them have ODD and ADD/ADHD and the other one has ADD and a form of autism. They are fighting all the time. I am not sure that the pills are doing too much for a couple of then, the one that is between them is good on his. Do you recommend meds or no meds?? They may be helping more than I know, but they are still having outbursts and sometimes it comes to punching wars between the three of them. Has anyone else experienced this in their families? If so please tell me how you took care of the problem.

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RonElFran wrote on June 13, 2015, 12:07 AM

Living in a home with three always-fighting boys must be an acute trial. I wish I could offer advice, but I've never been in that situation. I hope others will be able to help.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 26, 2015, 12:04 AM

I have heard about bad side affects of those kind of medications. I would not use the medications.