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Are gift cards a bad gift for kids?

Buying birthday gifts for my kids' friends and classmates is the bane of my existence. We get invited to a lot of parties and I spend way to much time in stores picking out gifts for kids I barely know. So now I've resorted to the gift card. Yes, it costs more money because you can't 'hide" how much you've spent. But my time is more valuable. Still, do you think it's tacky to give a 10-year-old a $25 gift card? I usually choose a gaming or sports store. Sometimes Target.

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Chantiele wrote on June 11, 2014, 3:52 PM

Hi this is in poll format, and it is under the 400 character rule for polls. :) 500 characters are required for a normal article, so if you wish you can delete this one and then put it in article form :)