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How do you define God?

God means different things to different people. He (or she, or it, or they) can be to some a symbol of divinity, to others a supreme being, and to others it is merely an illusion. To me, as a pantheist, God is the personification of reality. Reality is all-encompassing, all-powerful, and eternal - just as some religious groups define God. I find it personally moral to respect all interpretations of God and all religions (and lack thereof, whether or not they involve gods, goddesses, spirits, etc. I was curious as to how the majority of users here define God, so that I would know what to expect if I were to post here. How do YOU define God?

As an allpowerful being

1 votes / 20% 1 votes / 20 %

As the universe

1 votes / 20% 1 votes / 20 %

As ultimate reality

0 votes / 0% 0 votes

As a symbol

1 votes / 20% 1 votes / 20 %

As a myth

1 votes / 20% 1 votes / 20 %


1 votes / 20% 1 votes / 20 %
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DanieGirl8587 wrote on May 24, 2015, 5:31 PM

You can't really define "God" God means so many different things to so many people and religions. I voted symbol because I think he/she/it is the symbol that everyone prays to weather it be for help or just continuing to be happy.

Ruby3881 wrote on June 9, 2015, 5:43 PM

To me "universe" comes closest to a label for the divine. My world view is probably best summed up by saying I am a Thelemic Witch. It's not the perfect descriptor, but it works. I embrace the believe that the divine is immanent in creation, and that there are a multitude of valid ways to perceive or approach that divinity.

lookatdesktop wrote on March 20, 2016, 11:58 AM

He made everything everywhere. He is everywhere.