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New Ice Cream Flavors

if you could create an ice cream flavor no one else has what would it be and name for it? Well if it was my way i would create Ferro Rocher because i love the Nutella in the middle and love the hazelnut topping with that yummy crunchy shell, no one has ever created that kind of ice cream and it would be a great big sale in my eyes. Another flavor i haven't seen is anything made out of Lindt chocolate and Nutter butter cookies. Now all these flavors would be awesome to make. I'm pretty sure theres more flavor ideas no one has made before i just can't think of anything else.

Ferro Rocher

3 votes / 37% 3 votes / 37 %

Nutter Butter

5 votes / 62% 5 votes / 62 %


0 votes / 0% 0 votes
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allen0187 wrote on June 11, 2014, 1:35 AM

Ferro Rocher, just because it is a favorite of mine.