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Who is your favourite video game character?

Honestly, I would love to be more obscure with these choices, but I want to grasp at how familiar the Persona Paper community is with video game related topics and decided to use very famous characters as choices. Last time, I asked at what age you all started playing video games was; this time I will ask what video game character you cherish most. As I continue to have more of an idea of what you might be into, I will write in a way to lean more to the viewers, along with what I already have in mind. I can't wait to see these poll results, and to ask you more questions! Personally, mine is a given but not on the list. My username Zero is actually named after my favorite video game character; Zero! Until next time! -Zero


1 votes / 33% 1 votes / 33 %

Link from The Legend of Zelda

1 votes / 33% 1 votes / 33 %

Mega Man

1 votes / 33% 1 votes / 33 %


0 votes / 0% 0 votes


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DDS1 wrote on January 16, 2015, 2:15 AM

sadly my option was not listed. That would be Q-bert! emoticon :smile: