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Read Books or Watch TV?

Books and TV are one of the most informative source we have in terms of knowledge. I'm not a book worm. In fact, I'm too lazy to read books especially if the book is so thick, pure of highfalutin description (non fiction books) and if it is written in English. I am lazy to watch TV if I can't relate to the topic. I love music and entertainment so one of my favorite TV programs is The Voice (blind audition of artists). Nat Geo programs are also interesting to me. What do you prefer, read books or watch TV?

Read Books

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Watch TV

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angelsherry wrote on November 28, 2014, 12:41 AM

I love books as muc I love TV. It's hard to pick which to do, but books help you get smarter, while TV fries your brain cells. I could read or watch TV all day!