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Who’s Your Bet: Pacman Or Algiere

Manny Pacquaio is the current records of 56 fights, 5 losses and 1 draws. Chris Algiere on the hand has 20 clean fights without loss. Opps, not included in the list is the 20 pro fights of Algiere in kickboxing without loss. Manny Pacquiao has 8 Division Championship in the boxing but he is much older to 30-year old Algiere is who just known when Pacquiao picked him for the fight. Chris Algiere is a nutritionist who prepare his own food while Pacquiao got a lot of distractions; he is politician, pro basketball player and coach, a preacher, billiard player and a tax evasion case by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Pacquaio is a speedy power puncher and Algiere is a super endurance boxer. You $1000 and you win $100 for Pacquiao: you bet $100 for Algiere and you win $800. Now, who’s you bet?

Manny Pacquiao

4 votes / 100% 4 votes / 100 %

Chris Algiere

0 votes / 0% 0 votes
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