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How many of you are going black friday shopping?

How many of you are going black friday shopping? I am I go to it every year now! I havent went all my life but I started going a few years ago and enjoyed all the deals you can get. Im not much for all the pushing and shoving but I do my share of getting what I want that day! Now we just have to start saving up so that we are well prepared and have enough money put back for all of the deals! We normally dont have a lot to get on black friday because we start out christmas shopping early! We reall do enjoy the deals on the dvds and thats when we get most of them that we have!

Yes I never miss it

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Maybe but not sure yet

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No i dont bother with shopping that day

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Madcanman wrote on November 4, 2014, 4:59 AM

No personal offense, but have at it. Instead of getting involved in such a fiasco everyone who participates should take the time they'll spend standing in line or fighting over the latest unnecessary electronic gadget that they or their child/friend/ significant other just can't live without and reflect on what Christmas really means. Black Friday should have a hood placed over its head and taken out in the field and shot.