How Does It Work?

The concept is quite simple really. After you register for an account and we confirm your application, you can begin to write articles! You can post any content you like so long as it follows our rules and is your own original content. Then you will receive 2 coins for each view and 1 coin for each qualifying comment.

We want to keep this easy, but please read the Rules and Acceptable Use Policy. Be sure to understand the rules and clear up any confusion before beginning.

step 1

Write Articles

step 2

Share And Promote

step 3

Cash Out!

Write Articles Write your original content about any topic you want!
Share And Promote The more views, the more money you earn. So promote your content to help get you more!
Cash Out Visit the Bank to see your actual value and to cash out!

Quick FAQ

What can I do with a coin?

Trade it in for US dollars of course! The idea is this site will be to generate ad revenue and put that into a virtual "pot". The amount of money in that pot, in combination with the number of coins that have been given out will determine the exchange rate you see at the top of the webpage. When you view your bank page you will see what the current value of those coins are worth, that can be exchanged for real dollars. We want to keep our overhead down to a minimum and obviously we will need to deduct server costs before they are in the pot. The remainder will go to our members.

Do all views count?

All unique views count, and we do keep track of views by visitors so we do not count them twice. Viewers do not need to be registered.

Who gets coins for comments?

The person leaving the comment will receive the coin if the length of the comment is at least 30 characters. Please keep in mind that this only includes characters, not spaces, puncuation or emoticons. The author of the article will not receive a coin when commenting on their own article.

Please note that we closely monitor all traffic and will take action against anyone who is suspected of abusing our system. We reserve the right to not pay based on any suspected foul play at our sole discretion. All coins will be forfeited and your account deleted if we detect any non legitimate traffic to protect our advertisers.