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Love Hummus But Hate Lemon Juice? Try These Alternatives!

Hummus is one of my favorites but I’m not overly fond of lemon juice. Unfortunately, many people think that you have to use freshly squeezed lemons or it isn’t really hummus. Being on the contrary side, I use whatever I want and manage just fi
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Posted by on October 18, 2016

There IS a Difference Between Table Salt and Other Salts

Yes, there is a difference between table salt and other salts. Humans are surrounded by salts. Perhaps when you enter your house, your four walls are covered in salt. How so? No doubt you've heard of Plaster of Paris? And how is table salt different, yet
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Posted by on September 19, 2016

Broke? Well, almost.

Spent more on items from the supermarket today. I did manage to buy a router first, before I spent about 50 the past 2 days on groceries. You know, it is far too easy to do this. There are so many scrumptious things to buy to eat. We went to get our flu
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Posted by on September 12, 2016

Ever wonder: What makes a hot pepper so hot? Or, Is it good for me?

There is an ongoing trend to grow the hottest pepper one can, then eat, or at least taste it so one can (if you will) achieve bragging rights. Ignore, if you will, that effect the following day... Now hot peppers contain a special ingredient: capsaicin. W
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Posted by on September 11, 2016

Is There a Difference Between VANILLA and VANILLIN?

Sometimes a tiny detail points to a tiny difference in product ingredients. One of such instances involve the food additive vanilla, derived from the pod of an orchid. The site QuirkyScience features an article discussing the difference. Are you curi
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Posted by on August 11, 2016


Inspired by VinceSummers A recent article elsewhere by VinceSummers who used to write on here was about different fungi, including puffballs. The very next day after reading it, I was wandering around Belfast's St George's Market, when I spotted
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Posted by on June 26, 2016

How I Cooked My Home-Grown Kale

This post should have been deleted. It failed to delete and is now being used elsewhere.
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Posted by on April 13, 2016


I sometimes like a cup of Colombian coffee. From what I read in a Google search from , The Andes Mountains contain some of the most fertile land on earth. Not all Colombian coffee comes dire
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Posted by on March 2, 2016

Have You Ever Wondered What a CANOLA Is?

For years, I sort of passively wondered, just what is a canola. Before that, I used to mutter to myself, what's a safflower! So I've gotten used to commercial entities pulling something new on the public. Well, it turns out, you may be surprised to know,
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Posted by on February 29, 2016

Restaurant Review Tullyglass Hotel Ballymena

I Met Former Work Colleagues We are all retired now and one of us is disabled, so meeting in Ballymena, County Antrim, in Northern Ireland makes it easier for him. This time,our venue was the Tullyglass Hotel. Being outside Ballymena town, there was plent
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Posted by on February 26, 2016