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New Interesting Site

It has already been five days since I joined that site and I found it so interesting and writing-skills-improving type of writing site. Why did I say that so? Because they do only accept articles which contain a minimum of 400 words. Yes, you read it right. 400 words. Though it is not that as good as PersonaPaper or Bubblews when it comes to the rate of earning, the thing that motivates all the writers there is the monthly contest conducted by the administrators there. For those top 3 writers who writer the most of article there will receive $30, $15 and $10 respectively. I hope I will win the contest this time even I am just a beginner there. Hopefully also, writers will also accumulate there the same with here. I wish a best luck to everyone here and continue writing. Have passion and see how it is so rewarding!

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UmiNoor wrote on August 6, 2014, 1:40 AM

I don't think the site is new. It may be new to you but I've been a member of the website (if we're talking about the same website) since 2012, if I remember.