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Stand Up! It's Healthier!

As I write this post, I debate to myself, whether I should continue to sit or if I should stand. What? Typing on your computer standing? Are you mad? Don't write me off as another nutcase just yet.

Standing up is healthier than sitting down.

Yes, it's the truth. Time spent standing up is more beneficial to us than time spend sitting down. Dr. Marc Hamilton of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center said that sitting for a long period of time can be harmful to our body. This doesn't sound like a good thing, especially for those who make a living sitting down and doing something on a desk!

Dr. Hamilton also said that our glucose doesn't get broken down easily and quickly when we sit down. The fat in our blood stream that should be broken down by our enzymes gets trapped in our arteries after longer periods of sitting down. People who sit down for a lot of hours are often at risk of obesity. It's not much of a stretch to believe that sitting down for the better part our day makes us feel inactive, without the chance to stretch our legs and get some exercise. We also experience back pain and sore muscles from sitting down. Arguably, a softer chair can ease our muscle aches, but this still doesn't make sitting any healthier.

Dr. Andrew Hecht, the co-chief of Spinal Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center, said that when we sit down, we place most of our weight on our spine and pelvis. This becomes worse when we slouch to do our work.

Standing up for longer periods of time isn't exactly the work out we imagine, but walking around, instead of sitting down for four hours or more, keeps our bodies balanced and active. To help people live a healthier lifestyle, it seems some companies have built standing desks (like the one in the picture) to promote more time for standing instead of sitting.

I'm feeling too tired to get off my butt right now, but I have to definitely walk around a bit after this. It might get rid of the ennui. :)


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JanetJenson wrote on August 5, 2014, 2:48 AM

I agree to some extent that standing healthier, but some ways of sitting are better than others. Lately I have seen quite a few ads for what they call floating desks.

Rhymis wrote on August 5, 2014, 4:12 AM

I haven't heard of floating desks. It makes me curious. You're right, too. It would also depend on the way we sit. We'd get more back pain if we slouch instead of resting our backs against the hair.

allen0187 wrote on August 24, 2014, 1:30 AM

I read this as well and set up my own standing desk in my previous office. Our site director saw it and decided to set up a couple of standing desks in the different departments that wanted one.