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Currently, I am teaching English to Korean kids as a foreign language. This job is tedious. They say to teach is a passion and not a skill, but then again to teach you need to be fully equipped with the basics of the English language. I love the language and the words that I teach. It can be frustrating at times, however when you make sense and you see a positive nod, it is an exhilarating kind of experience because that would mean that you have imparted something to the kid. That alone makes me feel fulfilled.

What keeps me going? What keeps me busy? Books. I love a paperback whilst lounging on a couch or simply lying in bed and enjoy a great story. It has to be an interesting kind of story. Something that hasn't been thought of before. It needs to have an interesting plot. Trust me a plot is completely different from a story. besides that, the smell of the paper is so heart-warming that in fact made me collect books ever since. Truth be told I have a lot of backlogs. Books that needed my attention and admiration. I love movies as well. Like books, I need an unusual kind of story. Film should be character-driven not something that has to have blasts every minute to achieve a box-office hit. No way I would watch a movie like that.

The best drink ever invented was coffee. I cannot start my day without it. It keeps me going and it fuels my brain. It's my daily habit as every one would tell me. I love coffee as much as my books and movies.

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Ruby3881 wrote on August 2, 2014, 9:23 PM

You gave me a really great sense impression, talking about the smell of paper in a book. That's been a lifelong comfort for me, whenever I need to sort of cocoon myself against the outside world a bit :)

btrino wrote on August 3, 2014, 3:47 PM

Definitely the greatest thing to do before leafing each page. :)

btrino wrote on August 3, 2014, 3:48 PM

Definitely the greatest thing to do before I'd leaf a page to read. :)