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"Born to Fly forced to drive"

Last week while on my way home from work I saw a bus with these words on the driver's window, "born to fly but forced to drive'. I smiled at first and then I asked myself, is it possible to be in such a situation? Well, we were created differently, and for different purposes but one thing for sure, we are masters of our own destiny. Sometimes we underrate ourselves, we settle for mediocre when we are destined for greatness.We fail to realize the potential inherent us. We settle for the definitions of others and that of the world. We forget to go for the true definition by God. God created us to be heads and not tails!
If you were born to be a pilot, why settle for a driver when you know that is not good enough for you?Yes, sometimes one may argue that financial constrain is a hindrance, but you can choose to have the zeal, the momentum and be that person you were created to be.Do not settle for mediocre, be determined, hopeful, persistent and release your God given potential!Be that pilot and fly!

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sheilagamo wrote on July 31, 2014, 11:19 AM

how uplifting. thank you