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Tennis, Anyone?

Ever wonder why tennis players yell out when they hit a ball like they do? Does it serve some kind of purpose? Maybe it does. There is probably a theory on this. Perhaps even a study out there somewhere. I believe it has a great deal of impact on how a tennis player plays their game. It gives them some kind of powerful feeling. The power of actually pushing themselves further in the game, therefore it helps make them win! And it's a positive type of power and hurts really no one else in the process. It just can get a little audible at times.It's just a free form of expression afterall.

I don't believe this same kind of power helps with anything else other than mostly just tennis , but possibly when you excersize with various techniques it can. I wouldn't recommend it for running or walking excersizes, that would just look and sound silly. However, when used correctly I am guessing this is why some are more successful at things like related athletics in general than others. The more grunting noise you make like you're determined to get to your goal, the better it is. Just don't go worrying your neighbors or room mates with the way you sound while trying to shape up or win a tournament by going too overboard with it. Just remember to tell them (if they inquire about it that is) it's all in your routine, and there's nothing to fear. Haha. It's just you trying your hardest to reach your goals. Nothing wrong with that. I for one usually keep silent personally, maybe that's why I haven't gotten very far with things like that.

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Linda-From-US wrote on July 28, 2014, 5:30 PM

Hmm, I never thought about it. I guess, it may give you more power and determination.

nbaquero wrote on July 29, 2014, 2:56 AM

Farmer123 In martial arts (Karate and TaeKwonDo, for instance) yelling in important during sparring, as it helps to liberate energy when attacking your opponent. It kind of does have the same effect as in tennis.