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Lawnmower Follies

A little background info first. Due to the exceptional amount of rain we've been getting lately, our yard generally resembles a small jungle. No complaint, though. We need the rain.

Because of the undergrowth, my niece's son came by to see if he could get the mower working and determined that it needs a carburetor bowl gasket, so we set out in search of one. Simple task, right? Not so much on a Sunday evening in the buckle of the bible belt.

We tried the one hardware chain that was open, but no luck, so we looked at lawnmowers. It should be easy to find a lawnmower in a major chain store in July. Right? Again, not so much unless we wanted a high end machine.

Having no luck in the hardware store, we tried the Super Walmart next door. Surely they would have a cheap lawnmower or two. Nope. They had two models at $300+ and one with a hole in the motor. He actually tried to sell two fifty-plus ladies who are obviously not in shape a lawnmower with a hole in the motor!

We still haven't found a lawnmower, but we'll keep trying.

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MegL wrote on July 28, 2014, 2:40 AM

Have you tried ebay for someone local selling a pre loved one? Mostly people want those picked up, rather than post them. You can always ask to see it working before you buy.