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We're Being Gross Tonight! Haha!

Haha. I love Persona Paper. This is going to become the single coolest social network to ever exist, I tell you.

First, tonight, we have the usually-nice x0MandyLynn0x with “ Oops I Farted Again .” (Urp) Y'know, it's a good thing I had supper already.

And speaking of supper, I have a post up from just a little while back bringing up the topics of eating insects as a regular food source.

Oh my. Just how much disturbing are we going to get here? What else might folks have to offer up tonight to disturb us from our little, Sunday-evening comfort zone? This is better than television.

Might as well share this too. Right?

Top 10 Most Evil Women in History ” Haha.

By the way, this isn't a dig on x0MandyLynn0x Just giving her a share.

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