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Project Runway: Season 13 Starts

Turned on my DVR last night to find TWO episodes of the new season of Project Runway . Thank you DVR, because I didn't even know it was set to begin.

This is Season 13, and I've been a faithful watcher. In fact, my best friend (a straight guy) and I send one email after another when Project Runway is on TV.

Diehard fan or not, after 13 seasons, I'm still no better at predicting who will be the winner of Project Runway any better than I was when I first began watching. In fact, if a designer gets my endorsement, s/he should just start packing his bags to go home.

I'm not what you'd call "fashion forward." Major understatement.

The ONLY reason I had new clothes through high school was because my dad sold clothes out of his van wholesale. It's not that the 'rents wouldn't have bought me new clothes. It's more a matter of I HATE TO SHOP!

So the fact that I love Project Runway is a real mystery, even to me.

If you watch the show, are you good at figuring out who will make it to the end? Can you pick the winner?

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