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If Proxima Centauri Explodes We Will Come To Know After Four Years

Is it not something weird? Why it will take four years for the earthlings to visualize the explosion after four years.

Well the light will take approximately four years to reach the surface of the Earth.

How can we 'see' the things? When the light rays reflects from the object and falls on our retina, then we see that object. (I am not going into more technical things).

It means - one hypothetical case - if light moves at the speed of 100km per hour, then the it will take 6 hours for the light to reach back to our eyes to see one object that is placed 300kms away. (3 hours to and 3 hours fro)

Proxima Centauri – the nearest star to our Sun or the second nearest star to our Earth. Proxima Centauri is a huge light ball so the question of 'fro' timing is not required.

As it takes four years for the light emitted by it, to reach the surface of the earth the light ray touches our retina after four years.

So if Proxima Centauri, we can see the explosion after four years!

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