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Prima Donna Pitchers

In the last couple years baseball teams have been putting on massive shifts to counter pull hitters. This means the first baseman basically becomes an outfielder and a third baseman is playing straight up the middle. Continuously hitters will hit into the shift for an easy out, but occasionally you will get one guy who bunts down the let side of the field. Why more players don't do this is beyond me. Every time it happens it never fails for the pitcher to complain and run his mouth about it. Well it happened again last night when the Toronto Blue Jays played the Texas Rangers. Rasmus, an outfielder for the Blue Jays beat out a bunt against Lewis the pitcher for the Rangers. Lewis immediately voiced his dislike of the bunt. After the game Lewis told the press bunting against the shift is unethical and that the game should not be played that way.

What! are you kidding me? Baseball is a game of adjustments. The fielders made adjustments to get the hitter out, now the hitter makes adjustments to get on base and its unethical? Come on you can't be serious that doesn't even make sense. If a team is dumb enough to leave an entire side of a field wide open they can't get upset when a player hits it that way. It is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard of. Baseball players are becoming huge babies especially pitchers.

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