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Introduction for samcyz

Hi everyone, I'm a 20 years old girls from Asia. I love reading, writting, drawing, singing, exploring... I have great passion in any kind of fine art. From classic drawing to morden photography. I also love music: Classical, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Dubstep.. I also can play musical: Harmonica, Guitar, Organ, Violin, Ulekele. My favorie food is: oh... i don't know, anything when i'm hungry (instant noodle?) I like to play games though I don't like wasting time chatting online. I like fashion though I don't like walking around surfing clothes. I dislike: Lies, Fake, Noise. I want to be an international blogger, I'm here to share about my colourful life, beauty tips, horoscope, and daily tutorial. Thanks everyone for reading

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