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In Hot water over haunting!

On the matter of the paranormal, or rather Parapsychology (the study of the mind in relation tot Paranormal matters), I have looked into many so called haunted houses and locations in my time. Several of these I have passed of as suffering only from media hype or the owner of the premises has been suffering from some form of mental illness (and yes, I am qualified to assess as I am a Registered Mental Nurse).

One of the main issues I have come across is that of physical conditions affecting the minds of people.

Numerous times I have been called into investigate a so called haunted house, where the owner has reported weird clunking and knocking noises coming from the attic for about the past 6 months since their youngest child was born. Assessments of the occupier carried out, instrumental readings undertaken and equipment set up to monitor the premises.

After three days and nights of sleepless supervision we discover that the water boiler in the garret has been blocked up and not working for the previous 6 months! A simple tweak around with a screw driver resolves the issue and rectifies both the apparent haunting and also the hot water issue!

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sukeena1961 wrote on September 9, 2014, 4:34 PM

Well, I have studied psychology and also worked in law enforcement and security and I can tell you hauntings are real. If you had spent a few
nights in some of the houses I've lived in, it would make a believer out of you. The things I have seen I have also caught on video and audio. So
you can say these people have mental illnesses if you want, but there are some things out there that are beyond scientific proof and I hope one
day you will have a terrifying experience with the unknown yourself.