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Smile ... At His Smile ... Smiling At Me

Smile ... At His Smile ... Smiling At Me

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Standing on the beach in the late evening

Two girls stood ... watching the waves wash ashore

Sea gulls sang as they flew above them

They could almost swear they heard them singing

Singing ... 'Tommy, come home ... Tommy come home'

They looked up as they strained to listen closer

One girl looked toward the water, saw a tall, blonde guy

Running, playing with a little blonde-headed boy

Laughing, squealing in delight ... she smiled at the sight

She nudged her friend to look; they exchanged a smile

What a beautiful thing to witness ... a father playing with his son

Laughing freely, being a little boy again ... they both ran happily

They watched as the big guy collapsed to the sand

They heard the sea gulls sing, 'Tommy, come home' ...

The little boy ran to his daddy, knelt to the ground

Began to shake his shoulder, saying ... "Daddy, get up ... get up"

"Daddy, get up ... come play with me"... the child began to cry

Tommy's spirit rose to the sea gulls' song, high in the air

The girls ran to help ... as they neared the big guy on the sand

The vision faded ... no one was there ... only the sea gulls still sang

They looked at each other in silence, tears in their eyes

They knew ... they'd seen something from the past that had happened

Happened in the very spot they stood looking at

Questions rose in their mind ... who, what, when?

Curiosity drove them to find out the next day ...

They found out that a big guy did, indeed ... collapse on the sand

Collapsed on the sand at Myrtle Beach, SC ... he was playing

Running, laughing with his little son

On May 29, 2010 on a late Saturday evening ...

A father arrived just in time to do something he looked forward to

He was going to play for the first time, with his son, at the beach

Tommy had been very excited, looking forward to this very moment

He made it just in time ... they ran, played with total abandon

Listening to the waves, letting the waves tickle their toes

They heard the sea gulls singing ... Tommy looked up

He thought he heard his name, he smiled at the sea gulls flying

"Come home, Tommy ... come home", the sea gulls sang

Tommy collapsed to the sand as the angels broke his fall

His little son ran to him, thinking he was playing

"Daddy, won't you get up ... come play with me"?

Tommy's spirit rose to meet the sea gulls that called to him

He looked down at his body lying on the sand, his son crying for him

Tommy had left a beautiful memory behind with his son

He had played with him, thought of him at his very last moment

When he died ... he died a beautiful way to leave a happy memory

So, his little son could grow up knowing he was very loved by his daddy

He left his mother with a special memory, also

She knew he'd thought of her at his last moments

She was two-hundred miles away ... he sent her photos from his phone

The phone slipped from his hand, fell to the sand

A man picked the phone up ... pressed 'redial' ... it dialed her number

His mother answered with a smile on her lips ... it was Tommy!

She didn't recognize the man's voice that spoke to her

Asked why did he have her son's phone?

Her world turned dark for three years; began to brighten once again

She accepted her son was gone, nothing she could do, could bring him back

She cries sometimes, she feels sad ... her heart aches for her son

She gets alright again ... until the next time

To her dying day, she'll never forget Tommy, nor let anyone else forget

He was a person who lived, breathed, talked ... everyone knew

Her son is like a book ... sitting on the shelf, never forgotten

Whenever someone takes time to read ... his memory lives always

Tommy went home that day ... he left a special memory behind

For his son to grow up with ... knowing he was loved by his daddy

Not only that ... I will agree with one thing people say ...

Tommy died a 'beautiful' death ... one we'd all hope for

I sit here ... thinking about Tommy, my son ... only child

I sit here ... writing my grief, my thoughts as I promised

I'm not crying today ... my thoughts are bittersweet

Sad, happy ... happy, sad ... everything is alright; I'm alright

I wonder how many people see the past relived there on the beach

At the very spot, Tommy, entered Heaven?

In my mind ... I think of the very place Tommy entered the door

I wonder if I will see it when I go one day to visit that spot on the sand?

See the door that Tommy entered ... to go to Heaven

I wonder if I could slip inside for a moment ... see his smiling face?

I would be very quiet, not make any noise ... I just want to see Tommy

Smile ... at his smile ... smiling ... at me


My son, Tommy Mitchell Sidden, died May 29, 2010 on a late Saturday evening. Tommy got there barely in time to play with his little son... when he had to leave again. He went to Heaven. The photo is of me, and my son, Tommy. Please look over the condition of the photo. Our house burned, we lost all ... I did have photos in an old suitcase... they survived the fire... but... so, many wet wet from the firemen's hose. I don't care, I treasure my photos. Story is true, owned by me Faye Brown Bates/ aka Gee

Image Credit » Photo Credit: Photo is of myself and ... my son, Tommy. Owned by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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paigea wrote on July 18, 2014, 5:50 PM

Well, I couldn't read all of this, but it is lovely and beautiful.

gidget wrote on July 18, 2014, 6:34 PM

Gloria, it breaks my heart to read about you and your son. Hugs from one mother in the same boat as you.

SLGarcia wrote on July 18, 2014, 8:49 PM

What a touching story and beautifully written by you.

ella-romao wrote on July 22, 2014, 9:51 PM

What a heartfelt true story, Nothing really can compared to the love of a mother to her son, I like the way you write this article, it really touched my heart. God bless you &Gloria Faye emoticon :smile: My regards to your grandson and daughter-in-law. emoticon :smile: