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Republicans Say the Stupidest Things Part 1: Louie Gohmert, "Asshole of the Day"

I'm proud to be a Texan, born and raised like my parents, grandparents, etc.... Well, I used to be. Now, not so much, mostly because my fellow Texans keep electing Republican who don't understand the realities of life. It's certainly not my fault. I'd vote for a half-housebroken orangutan before I'd vote for most of those bozos.

Usually when I feel this way it's because Rick-the-D*ck Perry has both of his feet in his mouth up to his pants pockets, which is handy for him because it brings the organ he thinks with closer to his mouth. This time, however, another mysogynistic, self-serving fat-cat has me seeing red right now.

His name is Louie Gohmert and he has made " Asshole of the Day "(1) several times this year. My next few articles show how out of touch he is with the real world.

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