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Are you too Pushy?

Lots of time sales people are accused of being pushy and that may end up causing them to lose out on some sales that they could close. perhaps the sale process is moving along well and you have established a good report with the client and it is nearing the point where you should ask for the sale. Is there any delay or hesitation on your part?

An experienced sales person anticipates the questions that a client will have about their product or service and without being condescending they cover most of the objections in their presentation or doing the follow up questions by the client.

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PenFlavor wrote on July 13, 2014, 8:02 PM

I read a good book about "Conceptual Selling", and it all boils down to comparing two types of sales people...those who talk themselves to death and those who listen to their clients. Guess who got the better end?

Kidame wrote on July 14, 2014, 12:27 AM

I have to support you on that,sales people really know how to push