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Remote Control

In radio TV we use remote to change the channel. It is really important for modern this we can use anything from remote distance. Like we can use fan, AC, TV, any types of electronics tools we use remote. To make this remote here need some materials. There need two IC those are NE 555 and CD4027. Ne 545 is popular IC to all and has 438 pin. In output, 4027 IC use as a flip flop.

This circuit is work by inferred ray. So, it only works in L.E.D inferred only and does not obstacle in general light. Its range near to 2 meter photo Diode and you can increase your remote range through increase the number of inferred L.E.D. in today remote is also use in children toy. Scientist thinks that they can use it in robot and try to increase its range so that it can use from far from far.

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