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About URL Shortening

Ow shit again the ad! Havn't you said this somany times while clicked on a shortened URL in internet? Its very common in internet now -THE URL SHORTENING. Most the people have the intention to hide the URL only. But some others have the intention to make money using shortening url. Havnt you seen so many links there which will lead you to an advertisement page before you can access the real page? The owner of the URL is earning money with this technique, which is really annoying for the person who clicked the link.

Such people who want to make their urls to be clicked by others, try to spread their url everywhere in the internet. They try to spam it. This will eventually result in the blicking of whole domain. The same happened to big giants of url shorteners like adfly shorteners. Facebook had already banned them. Like that many websites blocked, resulting in the falling of their business!

Anyway URL shortening is good for the appearence of url. Long ugly urls are made to small cute ones.

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DoubleDabrew wrote on July 13, 2014, 4:12 AM

I love the shortened URLs but haven't come across those redirection ads.