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There is a small glitch in your weekend

After a very necessary and rather restful night's sleep, we availed ourselves of the inclusive which came with the weekend package and headed out to rejoin our friends. Twenty minutes after we arrived, the collapsed under the pressure of coping with twenty people using it instead of the one or two it more usually copes with. At least the house owner has contacts to be able to have it repaired quickly and easily. Next time, he joked, we should just bring .

Other highlights of the day so far include a trip to an ice cream parlour, and eating said ice cream standing out in the rain as the entire internal seating area was smaller than the size of the party.

The traditional Saturday night is just starting up and so much will be eaten and consumed (working plumbing or not!) between now and approximately 2am Sunday morning.

At one , there is a traditional 'Nightbacon' BBQ, which is bacon cooked over an open fire. I think tonight's will be 'Nightsausages' (OK, OK, that's a double entendre, I know!) judging by the small mountain of same to be seen in the fridge right now.

The house owner considers that 'Sausage Fest 2014' would be a better name for it, but 'Nightsausages' had the biggest roar of laughter from the alternative crowd here.

And with that, it's back to the and the . (It's not really but what the heck? We're with friends.)


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